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Luke on the Baxi

Plumbing and Heating engineer Luke has completed the Baxi training course. He has gained a in depth knowledge of their products covering; installations, diagnostics and repairs.


Luke began working for Ace 3 years ago as an apprentice. In January 2019 he completed his apprenticeship and became a fully qualified, level 3 plumbing and heating engineer. Luke has  always shown great work ethic and loves doing a boiler installation. Almost as much as he loves Harry Potter.


Appliance engineer Cobi joined the company in October 2018. He is always keen to learn and has progressed a great deal during his time with the company.

 He recently went on the CPD domestic white goods course to enhance his skills.

It is no overstatement to say that he passed with flying colours; finishing top of the class with a score of 97%!

His great attitude, chirpy nature and hard work have led to him becoming a highly valued member of the Ace team.

Top of the Class

nathan baxi.jpg

Baxi Course?

Completed it mate

Plumbing and Heating engineer Nathan has been on the Baxi Boiler training course, furthering his already great knowledge. Learning, in great depth, his way around their products including everything from installations to diagnostics and repairs. You could say he is now some what of an expert!


If you are looking for a new boiler perhaps you’d like to get Ace in to install you a new Baxi that comes with a 10 year warranty!

Keep up the great work Nath 😊

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